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Cumberland Furnace Community Center

Fright in the Furnace
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We would like to thank all Voleenteers (Actors and Concessions)  for their Dedication and Their time used to make it a great success.

Fright in the Furnace 2006!
Open Every Weekend in October.
From 7:00pm till Midnight or the
screaming dies down.


Welcome to the Fright in the Furnace page on the CFCC site.  Here we are going to explain What we do with the money raised from the Haunted House.  We take the profits earned from Fright in the Furnace and we along with Santa Clause get presents for Children in the community.  then on a Saturday in December before Christmas Santa shows up at the Community Center and we all have dinner and then Santa comes out and gives the children their presents (useally a toy or two and some clothes). 






This year we started building the Haunted House on Monday October the 2nd, 2006.  We opened on saturday the 7th and had one of the best opening nights with the actors we ever had.  The customers were extremely satisfied with the scariness of it.  We at the Community Center would like to thank everyone that helped build and all the people the helped act and helped with concessions.  Thanks to everyone who helped and dont forget about the appreciation dinner on the 4th of November 2006.  There will be trophys for the best scares and the most improved scare and the best scare all a round.  And again Thanks to Everyone who helped.....HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL AGAIN NEXT YEAR!!!!




All Actors are Volunteers.  All proceedes go toward charity.

Copyright 2006, Christmas Smiles